BMW i3 and BMW i8 Duo Get West Coast Customs Treatment

Remember West Coast Customs? They’re the guys who were behind the crazy projects showcased in the Pimp My Ride TV show that used to be hosted by Xzibit on MTV. And while back then their creations might’ve seemed awesome, undercarriage neon lighting included, today they seem to belong to the Need for Speed Underground universe. As time went by, people’s preferences in terms of tuning options have changed as well and, to be fair, making the BMW i3 and BMW i8 look better is a tricky job in the first place.

The guys from West Coast Customs have been challenged to do so nonetheless and the pictures below show what they came up with and, to be honest, they didn’t go through the same paces as they used to when Xzibit was there. Of course, the cars they had to work with today were nowhere close to the state in which the show’s stars were but we did expect a bit more when we learned that the WCC crew was behind what can be seen in the pictures.

Since the two cars are brothers from the same i sub-brand of BMW, they were done in the same general theme. Therefore, they received a satin blue wrap all around which gives them a stand out appearance, beyond the styling that already makes them look special. Furthermore, they were also fitted with a set of curved, chromed Lexani wheels that are somewhat similar to one of the designs used by one of the standard set of wheels offered for the i8.

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