You Can Buy a Brand-New 2017 Ford F-150 Lightning from This Georgia Dealer

It was last year that we learned the reason Ford officially abandoned the F-150 Lightning in 2004: The truck simply got too big. That hasn’t stopped one dealer in Georgia from making its own version, though. Pioneer Ford in Bremen, Georgia, is selling new 650-hp supercharged F-150s that ape the original Lightning’s looks for just $50,000. The […]

Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones is an Executive Director for Asia Pacific Strategy. In this role, Jones is responsible for developing strategies for smart mobility, digital services, and autonomous vehicles for Asia Pacific along with business development alliances and integration management.

GM and Cruise Reveal Driverless Car, Claim It’s Ready for Mass Production

General Motors’ autonomous-vehicle team said it has created the world’s first mass-producible car designed to operate without a human driver. Cruise Automation CEO Kyle Vogt said the electric vehicle, derived from the Chevrolet Bolt, “isn’t just a concept design — it has airbags, crumple zones, and comfortable seats.” In a post at Medium, he said its most significant […]