Musical Fly Line

Every sports car has a melody – but what tune would a Porsche play, if its sound was actually transformed into music? Stuttgart-based audio artist Duan Wasi has taken the Zuffenhausen sports car’s aesthetic and translated it using his chosen art form.


The new 911 arrives at the family homestead of the Porsches and Piëchs: the Schüttgut estate in the Austrian town of Zell am See. There, the latest generation of the 911 meets its forebear, a 911 of 1964, while Dr. Wolfgang Porsche explains what gives Porsche its legendary quality.

One of Us

The heart of the brand. The center of the Porsche universe. The 911 is all that and more. But each new generation must do one thing above all else: convince its fans. That’s why one of the first stops for the new 911 is the Friends of Air-Cooled Flat Engines club in Weissach.