Driving This Bentley Is the Closest I’ve Been To Being in a Wingless Biplane

Walter Owen Bentley—he preferred W.O. because he never liked the name Walter—was born in 1888, the year that Jack the Ripper rose to gory fame. Bentley’s family had done well in “the trades,” as the landed gentry around Mayfair would have sniffed, and W.O. became an engineer in love with all things self-propelled. He worked […]

Driven: All-New 2018 Bentley Continental GT Built on Porsche Bones

Drifting on packed snow with the throttle nailed and the tail cocked full hooligan is questionable behavior in a $200,000-plus Bentley Continental GT Speed—especially when it’s a prototype only two-thirds of the way through its final development schedule. But such activity, plus three encounters with roving reindeer herds, is par for the course when you’re […]

Fancier Spurs: Bentley Flying Spur Design Series by Mulliner

If the Bentley Flying Spur is just too common for your tastes, then the new Bentley Flying Spur Design Series by Mulliner may be more to your liking. Limited to a run of just 100 units, the Design Series by Mulliner will be available on Flying Spur V-8, V-8 S, W-12, and W-12 S models. Exterior […]

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e Concept: The Flying B Goes EV

Bentley is embracing electricity. The British brand will oversee the introduction of a plug-in-hybrid variant of its Bentayga SUV sometime next year, with other models to follow. Plug-in hybrids, though, are merely a stepping stone to all-out electrification, something the brand has discussed with us a couple of times previously. The British firm’s latest concept […]

“Silver and Gold!”: Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark Series by Mulliner

Although he drove a simple dogsled, Yukon Cornelius had expensive tastes: “Silver and gold!” he’d often exclaim. Now the Mulliner division of Bentley has created the Mulsanne Hallmark Series, an ultraluxury sedan for wealthy individuals who share that famous prospector’s enthusiasms. Set to make its debut alongside the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner at the Geneva auto […]

2018 Bentley Continental Supersports Driven: Industrial, Heavy, and Magic

Thanks to the digital special-effects expertise in Hollywood, our eyes routinely experience impossible violations of the laws of physics. Which sets an unnaturally high bar for astonishment when encountering the likes of the Bentley Continental Supersports, a leather-lined luxury two-door that weighs more than some full-size SUVs but can outrun a Corvette Stingray Grand Sport […]

Pricier Than the Priciest: This Is the Bentley Bentayga Mulliner

At a starting price of $235,525, the Bentley Bentayga is the priciest sport-utility vehicle out there, appealing to SUV shoppers for whom cost is no object. Or is it those for whom cost is exactly the object? Those latter folks, particularly, may be interested in the 2018 Bentayga Mulliner, which brings a raft of Bentley […]

Bentley Mulsanne Video

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Porsche lays the foundations for continued growth in Leipzig

The factory’s fifth expansion project is now underway: Porsche is investing more than 600 million euro to expand its factory in Leipzig, which will allow the company to set an important course for the future of its site in Saxony and the production of future models.