2018 Cadillac XTS: The Front-Drive Caddy Gets a Freshening

The big, front-wheel-drive Cadillac XTS has faded into the background as Cadillac pursues a sportier direction with the rear-drive ATS, CTS, and CT6 sedans. And yet, so far in 2017, the aging XTS remains Cadillac’s best-selling sedan—clearly, Caddy’s established customer base resists major changes (as do livery companies). So, it should come as little surprise […]

Red Light, Green Light: Cadillac Test Vehicles Now Talking with Traffic Lights

Some of the latest connected-car technology showcased by General Motors isn’t being developed inside its technical center in Warren, in suburban Detroit. It’s being developed on the public streets nearby. Along with state and county transportation agencies, the company has outfitted traffic lights at two intersections near its facility in Warren, Michigan, with technology that […]

Cadillac’s Diesel Program Is Moving Forward, Unaffected by Opel Sale

Cadillac’s diesel program, which we’ve been reporting on for the last couple of years, remains firmly on track, Car and Driver has recently learned. The luxury and performance brand has been working on four- and six-cylinder diesel engines for several upcoming models, but the sale of General Motors’ European subsidiary Opel to the French PSA conglomerate, itself […]

Executive Sedans: Audi A6 vs. BMW 540i, Cadillac CTS V-Sport, Jag XF S, Mercedes E43

Sport-utilities have been eating into the premium-mid-size-sedan market share for years, but even though these sedans are outsold by their SUV counterparts two to one, the upscale three-box isn’t dead just yet. It still accounts for nearly 190,000 annual sales in the U.S. and the players are almost too numerous to compare. Almost. READ MORE […]

To V or Not to V? We Attend Cadillac’s V-Performance Academy

The rubber industry owes a debt of gratitude to Cadillac. More than a decade and a half after the Escalade helped usher in an era of plus-size wheels and tires to mass-market consumers, the American luxury brand now actively encourages owners of its ATS-V and CTS-V to burn through tires at the racetrack. The brand’s V-Performance […]

2017 Cadillac Escalade Quick-Take Review: Big Time

Overview: Read the specs for the gargantuan 2017 Cadillac Escalade ESV, and you may confuse it with a 1966 Cadillac Eldorado. Both measure a smidge over 224 inches long, both feature body-on-frame construction, and both feed (lots of) fuel to a pushrod V-8 engine. Compared to the Eldo’s 340-hp (SAE gross rating) 7.0-liter iron-block lump, […]

Despite Concerns, Cadillac Presses Forward with Super Cruise Semi-Autonomous Tech

General Motors intends to launch a semi-autonomous feature called Super Cruise later this year despite the fact that federal safety regulators have already expressed concern about a key aspect of the system’s design. Under certain highway conditions, according to company officials, the Super Cruise system can follow lanes, brake, and control speed. Slated to make […]