Florida Lawsuit Alleges Ferrari Dealer Rolled Back Odometer Mileage

What does a $1.5 million LaFerrari have to do with pound cake and libel? If you answered “a lawsuit in southern Florida,” please pass go and collect 950 horsepower. A salesman at Ferrari of Palm Beach has sued a client who allegedly blamed him for rolling back the odometer on his 2015 LaFerrari and, according […]

Truth in Naming: Ferrari 812 Superfast Claims 211 MPH, Even More Insane V-12 Power

Sometimes, despite all the rich adjectives and clever metaphors in the English language, the verbiage of a little boy best describes a car. This red car is super fast. It is a Ferrari. Ergo, it is called the Ferrari 812 Superfast. For its 70th birthday, Ferrari is once again resurrecting the Superfast name, first seen […]

Mustache Tax: Magnum’s Ferrari 308 Sells for $181K

It can be hard to quantify the extra value a celebrity connection gives to a classic car. At the top end, it’s plenty—the Porsche 911 that Steve McQueen drove during the opening sequence of the movie Le Mans sold for nearly $1.4 million back in 2011, a hefty supplement even given the increasingly daft prices […]

Ferrari LaFerrari

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Garage treasure

The Porsche 908.022 completed the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970 as a camera car for Steve McQueen’s film epic. Today, it is back in the same condition it was when the actor used it in races himself.

Aachen dialect

Willi Kauhsen gets to the heart of the matter. Always. And sometimes he even brings his swimming trunks. But this has less to do with the 917 itself than with the 917 manufacturer.