New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Limited Edition Isn’t Actually Limited

Though it may not be saying much, the Mitsubishi Outlander and its smaller variant, the Outlander Sport, are Mitsubishi’s top-selling vehicles. In March at the Geneva auto show, the company, which is now part owned by Nissan, is preparing to lean even more heavily on the market trend away from cars by announcing a brand-new compact crossover that will […]

Is Toyota Bringing the Celica Nameplate Back from the Dead?

Will the upcoming Toyota Supra be joined by a smaller Celica sibling? If a recent trademark filing by Toyota is anything to go by, then the answer may be yes.On August 31, Toyota filed a standard character mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Celica nameplate, indicating an intention to use […]

Honda CR-V Hybrid: Yes for Europe, No Confirmation for United States

Honda is aiming to expand its hybrid offerings in the United States as it moves toward a goal of electrifying 65 percent of its global fleet by 2030. In the near term, one way we might see it is with a Honda CR-V hybrid, which the automaker confirmed earlier this year is on the way—and which will […]

Can’t Get No—What? Appliances Are More Satisfying Than Cars?

When Mick Jagger sang, “I can’t get no satisfaction,” he could have been talking about his car, but he was probably talking about his dishwasher. At least that’s the implication from the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, in which we learn that consumers are more likely to be charmed by an appliance than by a […]

Chase Enders: Police Spike Strips Tested!

From the September 2017 issue A police chase is one of the best forms of live television—we all secretly root for the bad guy, hoping to see Bo and Luke Duke–level skills emerge as the perpetrator rides into the sunset unscathed. Rarely is that the case, though. Certainly, running from the police is a terrible […]

Add Extra Cheese and Hold the Driver: Autonomous Pizza Deliveries Have Arrived

In the future, there may no longer be a need to tip the pizza-delivery guy. Of course, you may have to work out how to tip an autonomous car: Ford and Domino’s Pizza are working together to develop self-driving vehicles that handle autonomous deliveries. The two companies will conduct tests of the vehicles over the […]

Down Times: Takeaways from July 2017 U.S. Auto Sales

After two back-to-back years of record car sales, automakers are officially flatlining. July’s 1.4 million in total sales was down 7 percent from 2016, as most automakers fell short of last year’s blistering pace. Now that we’re seven months into the year, the industry is on pace to reach 16.7 million sales by December 31, […]